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            When we sat down to write the “about us” portion of our site, we started to think about all we’ve studied, and the numerous different styles of music we have sung over the years.  However, we didn’t want this to be a laundry list of what, when and where we’ve sung.

            It might be relevant to mention that we went to school and met at UW-Green Bay. It may seem more than a side note to say we were married in 1998 and then moved to Chicago. Both of us are music teachers, Andrew in Melrose Park and Angie at Northeastern Illinois University, where we both  received our Master’s Degrees. Some may even wonder what kind of music we have sung. We could tell them everything, from opera and oratorio to pop and jazz. But after our time studying the more serious aspects of music, we have again found our love for performing American Folk Music.

            We have come back to our roots – literally. I think you would be hard pressed to find a single American who hasn’t heard a Bluegrass tune that made them smile, or a folk ballad that brought a tear to their eye. When you spend years in the University system, you tend to be pointed in the direction of what is considered  “serious” music. On the whole “Folk Music” does not fall into this category.

            After spending countless hours on thesis projects based around the classical side of American Folk Music, (think Aaron Copland, Samuel Barber, Harry Burleigh and John Jacob Niles) we also started to find an amazing folk culture.  Folk music may not be as harmonically complex as Dvorak’s New World Symphony, but simple it is not. This music speaks to the truest, purest part of America. The music is as complex and riveting as we are. It speaks to all of us. The people who this country was built upon have amazing stories. They told stories of life and death, love and heartbreak, church and family, through their music.

            Being able to share and enjoy that rich history with you is our passion. We hope you will enjoy the journey.

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